Year Lasting Infinity Roses - 16 Piece Blossom Box Collection

16 Piece Blossom Box - Luxury Metallic Collection

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The ultimate luxurious floral gift. These roses add class to any location they are placed in and are perfect for special occasions such as a silver or golden wedding anniversaries. 

All the roses in this collection start out as one of our standard Eternal Roses and are then sprayed to take on their beautiful metallic colours. 

The arrangement is guaranteed to live for at least 365 days & is enjoyable for this whole duration with no maintenance or watering required.

Included with Your Order -

  • 16 Beautiful 100% Real Year Lasting Roses, Choice Of 2 Metallic Colours
  • Luxurious Black Or White Box with Hand Wrapped Gold Foil Logo Stamped Ribbon
  • A Personalised Note
  • Care Instructions

Approx. Arrangement Size: 200x200x130mm

For more information about our Eternal Blooms please click here

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