Real 24k Gold Rose Petal Jewellery

24k Gold Real Rose Petal Earrings

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The newest addition to our range of luxury rose products, But instead of the promise of a year of rose beauty, our 24k gold plated & fully 24k gold dipped rose petal earrings are here to last forever! 

A product that truly aligns itself with the companies beliefs that beauty should not die, we are extremely excited to be able to offer you guys this remarkable earrings. 

In order to create these beautiful pieces please see below a brief overview of the process from start to finish... 

  1. Prepare the fresh rose, including stripping down & cleaning
  2. A lengthy drying process 
  3. First stage of the protective resin coating process
  4. Assemble the rose petals into their beautiful shape 
  5. Second stage of the resin coating process
  6. Colouring process (if required)
  7. 24 Karat gold plating process, allow to cure/dry fully
  8. Final stage of resin coating to encapsulate the full necklace

The above gives a brief overview of the process involved, the complete process is around 65 steps! But i'm sure you'll agree it is completely worth it for these beautiful earrings! 

Be sure to zoom in on the photos, you'll be able to see every last piece of detail from the petals of the roses!

Unfortunately we are unable to accept returns on our earrings due to hygiene reasons  

We also offer these earring in a gift set with earrings and a 4 piece blossom box! Click here to view this offer

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