Beautiful Year Lasting Real Roses

Eternal Blossom – The UK’s Finest Year Lasting Roses

Through years of dedication and the pursuit of perfection, Eternal Blossom has attained the status of becoming one of the UK’s most established Year Lasting Rose arrangement specialists.

Our Eternal Roses are sustainably sourced from only the finest locations across South America. After completing their journey over the Atlantic our floral design experts create the beautiful arrangements you’ll see examples of throughout the website.

To see the special process our roses undertake to last for a year or longer continue reading!

Available in many different arrangement sizes for all budgets and locations

Available in 24 different colours including metallics

Buy your roses once and let them sit beautifully for a year or longer!

Fully customisable arrangements including letters & numbers

Eternal Blossom Arrangements Offer Great Long Term Value For Money


Beautiful Gifts For All Occasions

Our roses make beautiful gifts for all occasions, whether that's a Birthday, Valentines Day, an Anniversary or many many more. There are no limits to what events you can give our roses as a gift for


Beautiful Additions To Every Household

With 24 different colours we have an arrangement size and colour to suit every household style




The Perfect 'Just Because'

Love flowers? But hate continuously having to buy them every couple of weeks, then our arrangements are perfect for you!


What Is The Secret To Preserving Natural Beauty For A Year?

Shh, don't tell anybody but here's a basic overview of the secret technical process the finest South American roses undergo in order to last for a year or longer...

  1. The finest South American roses are picked at the height of their bloom

  2. The rose head gets disconnected from the stem

  3. The head gets placed into a solution of glycogen (& dye if required for colouring) and left for a long period of time 

  4. The glycogen solution infuses into the rose head replacing the water yet keeping the soft delicate feel of the rose

  5. The roses are dried and ready for your enjoyment!

Our Mission

"At Eternal Blossom we strive to bring beauty and luxury to your home all year round whilst continually putting a smile on your face" - Elisa Hill - Eternal Blossom Roses Founder



What Our Customers Are Saying

16 Piece Blossom Box

"My sister and husband were very impressed with their arrival on date requested and how lovely they were!"

Jane R

Eternal Blossom Make Up Storage Box

"This was a beautiful gift for my daughters birthday ! A different way to receive flowers to sit on your dressing table."

Hamielia M

Eternal Roses

"One of the most unique gifts you can receive and send. Beautiful"

Jennifer W