Eternal Blossom - Actively Disrupting The £2.2 Billion Pound UK Fresh Flower Market

If you're the type of person who enjoys fresh flowers, but believes true beauty should not die, we have the perfect product for you...

On average a box of our Year Lasting Real Roses can save you anywhere between 50-80% of the cost of buying 'fresh' roses over the course of a year, don't believe us, see below...


Eternal Blossom - Year Lasting Roses

You can even substitute in supermarket roses & still make a large saving on fortnightly a replacement cost..

At Eternal Blossom we're actively disrupting the UK's fresh flower market, we achieve this through the sale of our Year Lasting Real Rose Blossom Boxes. Our company is built on the belief that beauty should last & should not die after a week or so.


Still sceptical about how our roses can last for a year or longer? We believe in our roses & products so much we place a One Year guarantee on them not dieing*!




 *Terms & conditions apply, please see the specific page relating to this