Why are the best roses in the world grown in South America?

South America has long been known as a premier growing region for some of the world's most beautiful and fragrant roses. With its ideal climate, rich soil, and passionate growers, South America has cemented its reputation as the home of some of the best roses in the world.

One of the main reasons that South America is considered a premier growing region for roses is its climate. The region has a tropical and subtropical climate that is perfect for rose cultivation. The warm temperatures, high humidity, and consistent sunlight provide the ideal growing conditions for roses to flourish. This is particularly true in countries such as Ecuador, which has become a major exporter of high-quality roses due to its ideal growing conditions.

South America also has some of the richest soil in the world, which is perfect for growing roses. The region's volcanic soil is rich in nutrients, providing an ideal environment for roses to grow. This rich soil, coupled with the region's ideal climate, allows roses to develop deep roots, which results in stronger and more resilient plants.

Another factor that makes South America a premier rose growing region is the passion and dedication of the growers. Many of the rose growers in South America have been in the business for generations and have passed down the knowledge and techniques required to grow some of the world's finest roses. They are committed to producing only the highest quality roses, which they achieve through a combination of traditional techniques and the latest innovations in rose cultivation.

In conclusion, South America is widely recognised as a premier growing region for roses. With its ideal climate, rich soil, and passionate growers, it has become the home of some of the finest grown roses available today. 

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