Eternal Blossom Press Kit

Elisa Hill launched Eternal Blossom in 2016 at the age of just 19 years old. A major driving force behind the creation of Eternal Blossom was Elisa's love of fresh flowers. Although beautiful initially, they ultimately always end up as a  disappointment as they die over the period of a week or so and then need replacing. Eternal Blossom Infinity Rose arrangements offer a sustainable, worry & maintenance free solution to this age old problem, they make the perfect gift, or just because for your own home and are guaranteed to live for at a least one whole calendar year! 

Preserved roses are 100% real, they're expertly grown in South America and harvested whilst in full bloom. A special preservation treatment replaces the natural saps with plant-based glycerine and dyes to allow the rose heads to take on their beautiful colours. The cell structure of the roses is maintained, this leaves them looking as beautiful and feeling as soft as they did pre-preservation.

Eternal Blossom aims to help reduce the negative environmental impact and enormous carbon footprint created by the fresh cut flower industry. With fresh cut flowers heavy goods trucks are flowing into the UK from Europe on a daily basis and to make things even worse the fact that they're refrigerated means they consume even more fuel than usual. The vastly extended shelf life of preserved roses, combined with our careful climate controlled storage of them means we can hold a greater amount of stock for longer, resulting in the need to import much less often than a fresh flower retailer, this equates to a huge reduction of carbon emissions from our direct supply chain. 

Our preserved roses are initially responsibly sourced in Ecuador from Flor Ecuador certified farms, the certification not only ensures the roses are grown with environmental sustainability as a key factor, they also ensure working conditions are upheld for the farm workers.

Eternal Blossom aims to offer the widest selection of rose colours in the largest selection of arrangement sizes available in the UK. This aligns with our goal of ensuring there truly is an arrangement for everyone, for every occasion imaginable.  

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