Eternal Blossom One Year Rose Guarantee T's & C's

We're so confident in the fact that our roses will last for at least one whole year after purchase that we guarantee the roses against them dying. As a company that has been in existence for over 7 years we've constantly ran experiments and tests on our roses throughout this time period to see what causes them to change state or degrade. We've got roses that have been kept in optimal conditions that are over 6 years old now and still look as good as new!

What constitutes as 'death' and is covered by our one year guarantee - 

  • If the rose(s) physically die like a fresh rose would, we'll replace your arrangement. Although every rose is unique and 'death' will look slightly different on a rose to rose basis, the below image is an example of what constitutes to a dead looking rose - 

Dead rose examples

As seen, a complete change of colour of the rose to that of brown. Or a large portion of the end of the petals changing to a dead appearing colour

What isn't covered by the guarantee - 

  • Accidental damage to the roses, please be careful with the roses as they can be fragile, their fragility will increase with time. The petals won't just crack on their own, if they are left untouched they will maintain their crack free appearance.
  • Fading of rose colour (as this is caused by sunlight and/or the location the roses are placed within) 
  • Changes in the shape of petals (exposure to different elements and humidity levels may cause them to change shape)
  • Leaves on long stem roses that are now facing downwards, this is caused by gravity over time and is not the rose dying. As instructed on the leaflet supplied with the long stem roses, the leaves can be removed if desired. 

With over 7 years in existence, tens of thousands of customers and hundreds of thousands of roses sold, there really isn't a lot we've not seen before when it comes to our roses.We take a pre fulfilment photo of every arrangement before we ship it out and more often than not were happy to help if any man made damage occurs to your roses, so please be honest and as descriptive as possible including pictures when contacting us.