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Think Eternal Blossom arrangements would look great on your shelves, or for sale on your own website? Then why not become a stockist! With thousands of arrangements sold every year, the Eternal Blossom collection is sure to add something unique and beautiful to your offering.

We have product packaging suitable for both sitting directly on shelves in physical retail outlets and also packaging that's suitable for warehouse stored and then being shipped out to your customers. Our packaging ensures both protection for the arrangement within but also looks beautiful when on display! And makes an impact when gifted.

All arrangements have an excellent shelf life when sat within their packaging on a shelf / in the warehouse. As the roses are shut off from the elements, their shelf life will be around two years, then when the arrangement is finally removed from the packaging it, the roses will still live for a minimum of a year.

For more information and to request samples, contact Michael Johnson at -

All retail collection arrangements come presented in beautiful window boxes, this not only protects the roses but gives the customer the opportunity to fully view the product before purchase. The retail boxes also feature all required information about the roses, their care instructions and how to remove them from the packaging. This all makes it easier for the customer to understand what they are purchasing (we realise the concept of preserved roses may be a new one to customers, so as much information as possible is handy). Also provided on the back of the box a space to place a barcode sticker.

Currently the retail (window) box collection includes -

  • 2 Rose Box options: Individual & 4 Piece Blossom Boxes
  • The choice of either a Black or White Rose Box.
  • The choice of 26 of Stunning Rose Colours within your arrangement.

Our standard gift box collection includes all arrangements seen on our website.

For more information and to request samples, contact Michael Johnson at -

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