Eternal Rose FAQ's

Listed below are some questions we are frequently asked and their answers!

Eternal Rose FAQ's

Q) Are your Year Lasting Roses collection fake?
A) No, they have been specially treated with the natural sap in the rose being replaced with a mixture of glycerine, water and colouring, please see our 'About Our Roses' page

Q) Do they really last a year?
A) With correct care the roses can last over a year!

Q) Can I get a box with more than 2 colours in a different arranged style?
A) Yes of course, please contact us via and a member of our team will be happy to cater to your needs

Q) Whats the difference between the Checker & Stripe arrangements?
A) Checker - The name derives from the arrangement looking like a checker board, there are alternating rose colours placed next to one another
Stripe - Your roses will be presented with colours linearly arranged, very much like a striped shirt

Delivery FAQ's

Q) I want my roses delivered on a Monday, how do I make this happen?
A) Your roses must be ordered before 12 (midday) on the previous Friday in order for us to ship them in time for Monday delivery

Q) I haven't had my tracking number yet, when will i receive it?
A) For our standard delivery you will receive the tracking the same day or the day after, with our select a date shipping you will receive it the day before your order is due to arrive.
Q) What delivery service do you use?
A) We mainly use Royal Mail for all our delivery options and for our larger orders we may use Parcel Force (or other couriers), all of these will come with a tracking number so you can keep an eye on when it will arrive.

Q) Do you deliver on Sundays?
A) No this is not possible unfortunately

Q) Can I send my roses to another as a gift?
A) Yes, certainly. We do not include your invoice in the box

Q) What time will my delivery arrive?
A) For standard delivery we use Royal Mail's 24 service so your roses will arrive around the time of your normal post. For all other delivery methods your order will arrive before 1PM on your selected date.