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Square Box Collection

Looking for an arrangement in a square box? You've come to the right place. Please see above our options for Year Lasting Infinity Roses in our square box collection.


Everlasting Square Rose Box Collection

Looking for an arrangement in a square box? You've come to the right place. Please see above our options for Year Lasting Infinity Roses in our square box collection.


Why Eternity Roses In A Box From Eternal Blossom?

Discover the enduring charm of long lasting roses in box and explore their exceptional benefits over fresh flowers. Eternal Blossom presents a stunning collection that brings everlasting beauty and elegance to your space.

Long lasting roses in box have revolutionised the way we appreciate floral beauty. Eternal Blossom, a leading floral retailer in the UK, presents a captivating collection of preserved roses that provide everlasting elegance. Delve into the exceptional benefits of choosing these preserved floral arrangements over traditional fresh flowers.

Enduring Beauty

Unlike fresh flowers that wither and fade within a week or two, Long lasting roses in box retain their natural beauty and freshness for an extended period. Eternal Blossom only uses roses that employ a meticulous preservation process that sustains the roses look & feel of their soft petals. The vibrant colours and enchanting fragrance is expertly added back to the roses. These preserved roses capture the peak of their elegance and maintain it for a year or more, ensuring a lasting visual delight.

No Maintenance Required

One of the most significant advantages of everlasting rose boxes is that their effortless maintenance. Unlike fresh flowers that demand regular watering, trimming, and delicate handling, preserved roses require no special care. They do not require watering or exposure to sunlight, making them a hassle-free option for those with busy lifestyles. Simply place the box in your desired space and enjoy the everlasting beauty they exude.

Versatile Decor Options

The versatility of an everlasting rose box makes them an ideal choice for various settings and occasions. Eternal Blossom offers a wide range of elegant box designs and sizes, allowing you to effortlessly incorporate these stunning floral arrangements into any décor scheme. From chic modern aesthetics to timeless classical styles, the preserved roses bring a touch of sophistication and refinement to homes, offices, events, and weddings.

Thoughtful and Memorable Gifts

When it comes to gift-giving, eternity roses in a box hold a special significance. Their eternal charm symbolizes enduring love, appreciation, and thoughtfulness. Whether it's a romantic gesture, a celebration of friendship, or a heartfelt token of gratitude, these preserved floral arrangements make for truly memorable gifts. Eternal Blossom also offers personalised options, allowing you to add heartfelt messages onto the arrangement, adding an extra touch of sentimentality.

Buy Square Box Of Roses From Our Collection 

Long lasting square boxes of roses offer a remarkable alternative to traditional fresh flowers. With their enduring beauty, low maintenance requirements, versatile decor options, and meaningful gifting possibilities, these preserved floral arrangements capture the essence of everlasting elegance. Explore Eternal Blossom's exquisite collection and embrace the enchantment of timeless floral beauty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Eternal Blossoms rose arrangements come in many different sizes, they start with just one rose per box in the individual blossom box, but there are options to purchase arrangements with more than 35 roses per box! There are all sorts of other options in between for different sizes

Eternal Blossom's preserved roses are carefully preserved to maintain their beauty and freshness for years with proper care. They are designed to blossom forever, providing an everlasting symbol of love, affection, and appreciation. Unlike fresh roses that last only a few days, Eternal Blossom's roses are a long-lasting and cost-effective option for anyone looking for a gift that will truly stand the test of time.

Eternal Blossom's rose boxes are special because they feature real roses that have undergone a special preservation process to maintain their beauty and freshness for a long time. The roses are carefully selected and treated with a proprietary solution that allows them to retain their softness, texture, and vibrant colours for years. The rose boxes are also designed with aesthetic appeal in mind, featuring elegant packaging, customisable colours, and stylish arrangements that make them perfect for gifts, events, or home decor.

Everlasting roses, also known as preserved roses, are real roses that undergo a special preservation process to maintain their beauty and freshness for a long time. Unlike regular roses that wilt and die in a matter of days, everlasting roses can last for years with proper care.

Yes, everlasting roses are generally more expensive than regular roses due to the preservation process and the longer lifespan they offer. However, they can be a cost-effective option if you consider their longevity and the fact that they require very little maintenance.

Everlasting roses are typically delivered in a plain shipping box with their gift box inside, this does of course depend on the type of arrangement you choose. They should arrive in excellent condition due to the preservation process, but you should inspect them carefully upon delivery to ensure they are not damaged. With proper care, everlasting roses can last for several years.