About Our Year Lasting Infinity Roses & Colour Chart

So what really is the magic formula behind the creation of our Year Lasting Infinity Roses? Hopefully below we'll be able to give you a simplified sneak peak into the complex process...

What Gives Our Year Lasting Infinity Roses Their Extended Life & Colour?

As seen in the process above our year lasting infinity roses have been specially treated in order to allow them to take on many new colours. This same treatment is also what enables them to live for as long as they do (longer than a year!), if they are correctly cared for.

Year Lasting Rose Care & Upkeep

With the correct care and living conditions, your Year Lasting Roses can make you smile every day for a year, or even longer...
Care for the roses are as follows:
  • Do not water
  • Keep out of direct sunlight
  • Do not expose to high levels of moisture or humidity
  • Keep roses around room temperature
  • Clean delicately if dust gathers over time
  • Avoid Crushing, Pressing or Folding the Roses
  • Roses are happiest in the original box - Do not remove

 The Eternal Blossom Year Lasting Infinity Rose Colour Chart 

Eternal Blossom - Year Lasting Roses

Please see above our standard colour chart for our Year Lasting Infinity Roses, if you have any special colour requests feel free to get in touch at - sales@eternalblossom.co.uk and we'll see if we can cater to your needs!